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Batu Kawan Stadium

Last updated Friday, 19 September 2017

Pinang State Stadium

Penang Development Corporation had took over the management and maintenance of Stadium Batu Kawan from Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang (MSNPP) with effect from 1 May 2014.

Upon completion of the takeover process of the Stadium, PDC has carried out Technical Audit exercise with regards to the various items namely maintenance on mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, track and field at the Stadium. Subsequently, repair and upgrading works were divided into three phases of which the works of Phase 1 and Phase 2 were carried out from October 2014 until February 2015.

Works on Phases 1 and 2 comprised of repainting works, repairs on facilities, toilets, electrical wiring, mechanical items, audio visual system, changing of football pitch grass, LED score board, flood lights, leakages and other related items. The total cost of these repair and upgrading works for both Phases was about RM2.86 million.

PDC is currently undertaking repair and upgrading works for Phase 3 which is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2016.

Repair and upgrading works at Stadium Batu Kawan is part of PDC’s CSR contribution as part of infrastructure enhancement for the benefit of the people of Penang.


 The Batu Kawan Stadium was planned for construction since 1995 to accommodate the increase utilization capacity of the City Stadium in Lorong Kulit that was built before 1956  To participate in the bidding to host the 8th Malaysian Games 2000. For this purpose, a stadium that can accommodate large number of participants and spectators is required by the State of Penang as a catalyst for sports creation and social facilities in promoting sports excellence of the state.  The State Government decided that the area in Batu Kawan, owned by Penang Development Corporation is the most appropriate site because it does not involve any land acquisition process that will result in time and high cost.    Ideally located close to the North-South Highway that connects Stadium Batu Kawan with Seberang Perai, the island and neighbouring states.

1.2    Construction of Batu Kawan Stadium

•    Penang Development Corporation (PDC) financed the entire construction of Batu Kawan Stadium on PDC-owned land. 
•    The total area is 150 acres that includes 90 acres for the stadium and parking area and an area of 60 acres of oil palm plantation. 
•    The construction of Batu Kawan Stadium was completed in early 2000, at the cost of RM104.0 million. 
•    With a seating capacity of 40,000 spectators, Stadium Batu Kawan was used for the official opening and closing ceremony of 8th Malaysian Games 2000. 
•    On 19 December 2008, the State Executive Council (EXCO) approved that the Stadium Batu Kawan be handed over from MPSP to Penang Sports Council to manage the facilities.
•    As a follow-up of the Auditor General’s Report 2013 Series 1, a Press Conference on 10 April 2014 at Level 28, Komtar chaired by Chief Minister of Penang, The Rt.Hon. Lim Guan Eng announced that the management of Stadium Batu Kawan by Penang Sports Council is to be taken over by PDC

1.3    Infrastructure Facilities of Stadium Batu Kawan
1.3.1    Existing Open Facilities
•    Open Stadium with a seating capacity of 40,000 spectators
•    Football field (FIFA standards) •    Bicycle track & Athletics facilities (IAAF standards)
•    Electronic Scoreboard
•    Parking bays (4,350 units)
•    Bus parking bays (80 units)
•    Motorcycle parks (3,000 units)
•    Motor Cup Prix Circuit Track
•    Remote Control Car Games Track
•    Exhibition and Sales Sites
•    Open space for tele matches, recreational activities and games for remote control airplanes

1.3.2    Indoor Facilities
•    Meeting Room
•    VIP Room
•    Medical & First Aid Room
•    Vacant Rooms
•    Police Control Centre & Lock-up
•    Score Board & Video Board System Control Room
•    VIP Parking
•    CCTV Security Control Room
•    Toilets
•    Prayer Room
•    Management Office


2.1    Batu Kawan Stadium will be utilised to promote an active and dynamic community especially amongst the younger generation to participate under the concept of “Healthy and Active Lifestyles Towards Harmonious Community”.

2.2    As a social facility to the community, PDC will endeavour to showcase Batu Kawan Stadium and its surrounding areas as an integrated sports and recreational centre.   

2.3    Target Users for Football Field and Racing Track
•    Local Football Clubs
•    Schools in Seberang Perai areas
•    State Sports Association
•    Athletes and Athletics Track
•    Local Communities
•    Government departments and agencies
•    Private agencies such as the manufacturing sectors

2.4    Target Users for Parking Grounds 
•    Local Community Activities
•    Local Industries
•    Motor Sports Race
•    Recreational Sports
•    Charity Concerts
•    Farmers Market, Night Market
•    Government agencies and departments
•    Private agencies such as the manufacturing sectors


3.1    Besides the football games and sporting events, since 2009, the following activities have been organised:-
•    Astro Ceria Carnival 2011
•    Food & Fruits Festivals 2011
•    State & National Football Competition involving Premier Leagues/Super Leagues
•    Schools Sports Council (District & State Level)
•    Petronas AAM Malaysian Cup Championship Prix 2015
•    Astro Gempak Carnival 2013 & 2014
•    Competition Drift & Drag Racing Motorcycle 2014,2015
•    State Level Youth  Day
•    International Remote Control Car Competition  
•    Cycling Program 2nd Penang Bridge in 2014
•    And many other carnivals by the private sectors

3.2    In addition, PDC also plans to make  Batu Kawan Stadium as the focal point for long term activities as follows :-

•    Motor Sports Hub
•    As a user friendly & a place for all communities
•    Generate income for the small and medium businesses e.g. Mega Farmers’ Market @ Up-Town
•    Create a campsite for camps-building programmes


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